I have to ask

Who can I tag in this post??? - Give me the names of each and every T10 or PGG employee on here, so I can repeatedly tag them on a daily basis until this nonsense is fixed…

I’m STILL!! asking why PPG and T10 refuse to do anything about how bad the graphics in the PC version of this game are… . . . FH3 & 4 both look better in a lot of ways. How absurd.

because its not part of the roadmap for this game
all map-glitches/lod-glitches etc. end up in the won’t fix list

even a simple particle bug like this:

  • Environment - Races - Red smoke in street scene races appears pixelated (Date Updated:07.08.22)

found the way into the won’t fix list

Simple reason:
There’re as many different pc setups as there are players. How many different Series X consoles there are? It’s safe to assume just one.

So, which one do you think is more difficult to get everything working perfectly on every single system?


In my experience, most of the problems I’ve had with PC games have not been with the game software.

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DUH. Thanks for repeating the very obvious… It’s so strange how that wasn’t much of an issue with FH3 or FH4…

You should probably invest in far better PC hardware… I do not have a single issue with any other game on either of my rigs. Not one. NONE.

its most modern games mate… not just these lot… most big titles have been not perfect on release recently…
for example - you could maybe forgive New World bcos they were new at the industry… sort of… but Battlefield… embarrassment… Cyberpunk - a laughing stock for a while…
Big pre built PC’s can still be junk… they may have good ‘known’ parts in but some are quite slow or weak in other areas & imo most are not worth the ££££.££
Windows does no favors either… look at history of ‘game mode’, some work better without it… & need other settings changing in windows for the game to run smooth…

I have an old potato of a pc, ACC works ok but slightly lowered effects & it doesnt look as good as FH5 on mine or the xbox/s.
This game runs & looks better than other modern games for me, the only issue i get being the flashy train (which also happens on my mates xbox/s) Is this what the trees you say do as you approach ?
i dont notice on mine, prob bcos its old pc and cant display modern Ultra FX…
It ‘optimises’ before every load now which is annoying… thats only recent
i hope now i dont notice trees rendering all the time :stuck_out_tongue:

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YES. It’s well known that PC gamers must always tinker with and tweak settings. That’s a given… This is just obnoxious. It’s as if they took no time, at all to optimize the graphics textures or even play the game on PC before launch. Here is a video that does well in going over many of the issues with LOD, draw distance, texture qualities, etc. - Forza Horizon 5 Graphics Settings Explained - The Ultimate Graphics Settings Deep Dive - 4K - YouTube … Even the most powerful PCs have these issues.

i was around when PC2 was being made & crowd funded… they hated the console conversions… its actually more difficult to get games working on consoles… most are watered down in some way to make it work on limited tech inside consoles & i find modern games crash a lot on xbox/s… thats really poor.
My pc is very old & games works great atm, altho i have had many issues in the past… most have turned out or be gpu settings, windows or more windows… microsoft updates swapping things about etc… its not often the game itself causing issues.
But yes, things should just be plug&play in these times…

yeah… maybe why i havnt yet dived in spending 2k on new rigs… i want the graphics but if they still have the same issues as old tech then i cba…
the whole industry needs a kick up the backside imo… not sure how many ‘next gens’ weve had now but… same old problems

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FH 3 was a terrible port with a lot of issues on PC, many of which never got fixed. Frame stuttering (particularly in surfers paradise), load hangs, and, oh yeah, you could never change the brightness in HDR, which is just insanely dumb.

FH4 was a shockingly good PC port. It ran better than FH3 in spite of having better graphics on the same hardware, had some good PC centric settings that many native PC games didn’t, and had better HDR settings than most (though not all) games.

FH5 removed all of that because reasons I guess. Back to being a terrible port.

Maybe FH6 will be a good port again?

I never really played FH3 much, until I installed it on a whim… just to see how much better it runs than FH5. - I was disgusted. Despite the aformentioned glitches, they were all very minor to me and the game ran great. FH5 is one of the single worst optimized games I’ve played in a couple of years. YES, I’m sure there are games that are worse, but that’s likely one of several reasons why I have not bought/played them.

Well I’m certainly not going to defend the technical “feat” that is FH5.

I am playing both right now and I do find that FH5 runs better but… that could be just luck.

I have absolutely no idea why anyone would call this particular game a “techical feat”. It’s not special, anything new, is mostly pieced together from older games, is full of glitches, requires constant patches, was rushed to market, etc, etc, etc…

Yes, forgive New World. A game backed by one of the richest people in the world. A person who literally has unlimited technical resources and is a world leader in IT :joy:. Yes let’s forgive them.

Oh and if you’re curious, Jeff Bezos half a billion dollar mega yacht just launched a day ago.

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@anonyyymous well its not really on topic is it but…
i was looking forward to that game too… played from open beta…
his company was given red carpets around the world by various governments… his yacht is the bigger picture of world issues… nothing to do with gaming…
i dont use the company for deliveries as they are very poor at it… i worked in logistics & how they became that big can only be thro hand outs…
and yeah, i still think they did ok at the game, but then were weak making decisions which cost them…
what that had to do with your mate jeff idk… he made the game did he ?