i got banned from everything online

I got banned from everything in the online market(auctions,paint booth,etc) in forza horizon 3. i have no clue why i got banned so i want to know and is there anyway that i can get unbanned

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Yes, you would be banned for posting a pedophile livery “FREE CANDY” which is a violation of not only common sense in real society but the Code of Conduct on Xbox Live.

Neither bans nor the enforcement of the regulations by Turn 10 employees are discussed on these forums. You may send an email to them at forzafb@microsoft.com if you wish, however a response probably won’t arrive until after your ban expires.

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yes this should def be banned along with stickers on ferrari’s and lambo’s and other offensive stuff like bright green pink and orange liveries i have it on good account these are all made by evil very evil people

and yes when you have common sense you know its a joke pedo’s do not actualy write jokes like that on their cars im quite sure sort of defeats the purpose

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Whoa whoa, where the hell did you come up with that?

It happens to me too, it says I’m offline when I’m not where I can’t access those that require online use. I just restart the game, or restart the console if that doesn’t work.

I saw a livery yesterday which said the S word, you know the stuff you poo out (lol). The T was slightly disguised by the brown splatter on the car.

Anyway I’m wondering can you get banned for using someones livery like that? I didn’t download but just curious.

Yes, you can. As a matter of policy on these forums, neither bans nor the enforcement of the Code of Conduct open for discussion.


How is putting Free candy something to be banned for??? Giving away candy is illegal now?

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Because it’s related to paedophilia, and that’s against the rules.

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1 its a joke not a good one maybe but still

2 its also forbidden by law in my country to sell a piece of software that doesn’t function at all. let them first fix the **** game

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  1. What does the second point have to do with this.

  2. The game does function, so I have no idea what you’re on about.


1 he was punnished for something they think is forbidden by their law so i told you about something that is forbidden in the real world not just their little game.

2 it does not function at all for me i redownloaded about 10 times already after reinstalling my drivers with older or newer dates, i am not the only one who has the game crashing often.
OR NOT STARTING AT ALL. it is a broken game atm (if yours is working does not mean it is working for the rest )

It still has nothing to with any subject in this thread. Try using the support forum for finding out why it won’t run for you.

As for why it’s against the terms of use, read Snowowl’s reply here http://forums.forza.net/turn10_postst73442_Banned-from-accessing-the-Auction-House-and-publishing-downloading-Paintjobs.aspx

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its a virtual car with a ah nvm apparently people need to be protected against the air they are breathing these day and cant be “TRIGGERD” becouse they could feel a little less good about them selfs.

if your kid gets drawn to a van ingame you as a parent failed your job and please people if you think thats offensive grow up and realize thats the world around you and you are the problem.
my 2 cents and do with it what you may

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You should issue some warning first. Some people like free candy. Also people may downlaod others livery and may have such explicit words very small or hidden.

They do issue warnings, 1st warning is a 7 day ban, 2nd warning is a 30 day ban. And 3rd strike you’re out.

How is this thread not locked yet?

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A warning without ban. To remove in 24 hrs or something

Come on mods, how has this not been locked?


becouse they only check once in a while.

I downloaded a livery with nick cage on the side and it says “HUH?” will i be banned too?

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So its Halloween soon do I need to charge the kids for the candy? because if I give it away im being a pedophile