I found a tune what can go wrong?

Hey There,

I found a tune for my 2010 Mosler MT900s, She is a speedy boy. What are the negatives to using this tune? I have opened this ticket because I want to avoid getting banned? I’ve had a friend who got banned recently for using a Ford Transit that could go 0 - 60 in under like 2.4 seconds. he did get unbanned because he was using forza upgrades. I am not I am using a tune? What could happen?

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Most if not all hypercars and S2-X and some S1 can go to 60 in a couple of seconds using the right tune. They cant bann you for downloading a tune lol, that would be hilarious. But well, i would not be surprised anymore. I must have over 300+ cars that can go to 60 in 2-5 seconds. Acceleration is not that important if you want a fast car, most cars with extreme acceleration cant reach not even 220 mph.

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I also agree , it seems pretty balanced to where you either get high acceleration or high top speed and you play with that balance. if your getting 00:00:06 on a lap time for a 3mi lap then maybe you should worry.

I’d be extremely surprised if the tune itself is why your friend was banned (very highly unlikely).