I didn't get my league reward this week?

So I have been keeping up with leagues and I remember participating last week for the subaru 22b FE however when I got on I didn’t have it gifted to me. I am curious does having friction assist on affect this because I had it on at that time

Did you log into the leagues again yet? You get it the next time you do, it doesn’t show up in your messages like other gifts.

Yea I did that I got the jockey gear last time did some races and then got on today and no subaru

First time on this series today, got my Subaru. When u did your race, did you finish or quit it?

I finished heck I may have even got a podium a time a time or two. What I am thinking happens is this. It looks through its system to see if you have a time on the leaderboards, but if you have friction assist turned on, the game wont save your leaderboard time and thus you don’t get your reward

How come you are using friction assist…

If that’s why you missed out then there will probably a lot missing theres too

Really it should be disabled online…even removed from the game
Good that it is disabled from leaderboards though

I agree friction assist should be removed, but it was a particular circumstance as I entered into one race without friction assist (which kind of makes me realize a little flaw in my logic now that I am thinking about it) but in the race I had entered there was a very distinct unfair advantage of using friction assist that would result in multpile seconds be removed from your laptime. If you understand leagues then you know place is everything. So i put it on for 3 races then quit out of leagues only to come back today to find that I did not get the subaru

if you did 1 race without it and you still never got the Subaru it must be something else
only need to complete 1 race to get the reward after all

but I know what you mean, everyone seems to be using it, to me it’s cheating, but that’s another issue

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