I collected my rewards and I didn't get them

I collected my rewards and didn’t get them I need help because I need money

The screen says it can take up to four hours.

EDIT: 12:30 p.m. Pacific Time, Xbox Support - Xbox Support - is displaying for both Xbox One and Xbox 360:

  • Xbox Live Core Services Limited

I collected my Tier 7 rewards for Horizon 2, it came through within minutes, downloaded it but it has not been added in the game, should have 3.8 million credits but still have 1.7 million, how odd! Worked fine for Forza 5

Strange hmm. I didn’t have an issue with mine yesterday and I don’t even need the money :confused:

I had no issue with it yesterday.

Have you checked the Xbox Live Status?

Yes I did check, it was up and running for the past two days when I collected my rewards.