I can't play FM7

Recently I have had problems with FM7 not loading correctly. When it first started happening, it said that my files were corrupted and the app needed to be reset and have it’s data deleted. I will list what troubleshooting I’ve done below.

  • Reset the game’s data. The first time I did this it was resyncing my data but after 3 hours it still said 0% so i cancelled it.
    After this, every time I try to load the game it just infinitely tries to load, the wheel in the bottom right just spins forever.

  • Reinstall the game. I spent an hour reinstalling the game and the exact same thing is happening. It doesn’t even try to sync the data anymore, and crashes before it even gets to the home screen. The error code is c0000005 which means I don’t have access to the game?

The rest of what I tried is shown in this link below

If someone can please help that would be great and very appreciated

What graphics card, processor, etc?

PC specs
MSI Geforce RTX 3080 OC
Intel i9 10900k
Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 2x16gb 3600mghz
MSI 850w PSU
NZXT 240mm Kraken
2TB Corsair M.2

Found out I can’t play FH4 either. Same thing where it just spins in the home screen forever

Is Afterburner running?

Nope. I went to it and reset its settings, that didnt work so i completely uninstalled the afterburning. Still dont work

Recently updated drivers?

My GeForce drivers are on the latest version and windows says everything is up to date. Should I redownload the previous version of the GeForce drivers?

Might as well mention it is version 531.18

You can try rolling back, but it depends on when the game decided not to load. If it was before the driver update then you have to see what changed then, if it was after the driver update then there’s a fair chance it could be the cause.

Still doesn’t work…

Try going back at least two versions, there may have been a change in driver code earlier that you didn’t realise. I know others have been pointing out issues with the new Nvidia drivers, and with you being on a much newer card with different instruction sets than what was around when the game was made then a good bet is that the issue lies there.

Well there’s progress. The game is syncing data right now but by the looks of things it’s gonna take quite a long time of listening to rain

well now it’s back to this

That’s something up with the connection with the server, or a server issue. Go through connections checks because it could be at your end or it could be the servers had a brainfahrt.

Edit: Found another post here saying that yesterday the servers had dumped and they were investigating. That issue is at their end.

Oh. Well thank you, I was starting to get nervous I had some hardware issue or something weird. Hope the servers come back online soon, but it could be because of work on the new motorsport online

Please try again, the FM7 servers should be up for everyone now.

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I’m sorry but it’s still not working for me. Same message as above

Then we’re looking at you checking the network and firewall settings at your end, an automatic router update can make changes without you realising, to make sure the issue lies server side. I’m sure there’s a checker and troubleshooter out there somewhere.

My current router version is from november 2022 and i use ethernet and there havent been any outages or anything recently.

My windows firewall is all up to date and turned on, unless your recommending to turn it off or something. Idk but my pc just bluescreened like 5 minutes ago so it could be a hardware issue on my end. Everything i do says my pc is fine but i think i have to start troubleshooting with other parts