I can't finish "Rumour Has It"

I had my porsche and won a race but it didn’t give me the achievement or unlock the Barn Find Rumour. It’s going to end on May 8th. someone help me!!!

Xbone or PC

Have you tried everything suggested in the forzathon thread

It’s PC version
I just did “Rumour Has It”

So you have it done now

I found the problem, It won’t be working if using the cars of Porsche Car Pack… it’s funny lol

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That’s weird
But there’s quite often issues with dlc cars
I used the 911 we won in last weeks forzathon

yeah, thank you for your suggestion. it helped me to find the problem.

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So it had to be the forzathon won porsches? I’m pretty sure I used 2016 one from DLC (on Xbox) but I’m not positive. I’ll have to have a look to see which has a tune on it when I get on today to be certain.

I could see that mistake being implemented though given some of the other idiosyncrasies with make in the past

Worked for me using one of the cars form the Porsche pack …

I used the GT3 from the pack. No issues.

I used the 993 GT2 from the pack for it. Strange issue. Glad it worked out for you though!

May need to add that to the Forzathon thread tips - If a choice of cars is present to use, try a different one. ie - Nissans and the R34 isn’t working? Use a different Nissan.