I can't connect online free roam on the Xbox One! Please help!!!

Everything is updated and my internet is just fine. I keep getting “unable to connect to online free roam, please check your network connection and try again”. :frowning:

it might be an issue with your router…do a search there have been previous conversations about that issue

Well might be my router but i need an idea on what it might be other than that

I had this issue for 5 months and the issue was my router, i tried DMZ, port forwarding, VPN, Literally i tried everything and it didn’t work, i called my ISP and i found out that they have blocked some ports and xbox one ports were some of them… i changed my ISP and the online works fine now…

I tell you do not DMZ or portforward or anything if your ISP can’t solve this problem then it won’t be solved, good luck i know its very annoying and frustrating.

It really sucks :frowning: how do i know if its the router cuz im not techy

Have you done a hard reset on your console and reset your router also? What have you tried so far? More information is need to guide you to the right place.