I can not run without improving my car

FORZA like to play in career mode did not improve my car , I can feel THE MOST OUT OF YOUR ORIGINALITY , although it is not competitive. However, since PACKAGE PAID BY NASCAR , while playing MODE CAREER , I have to improve my car to run AND ME is terrible .
IN TRUTH there is an error in the selection of " RUN without improvement " EVEN THE GAME Do not leave SO AND BACK TO SCREEN asking me to improvements.
I’m a big fan!


You must be talking about a different game than Apex… Please look at http://forums.forza.net/turn10_postst62593_Nascar-Expansion-Leaked.aspx

See here for a video instruction on how to improve your NASCAR handling without making it illegal for Career:

same things happens to me it’s a bug

I hope they fix it

The bug happens in regular career mode when racing a car in the wrong class your asked to upgrade your car even if you pressed no race without nothing happens