I built my first racing sim set up for FM8

Well! I broke down after watching hours of people on YouTube sim racing with a wheel set up and I got one. Now following most of the advice I got. I went and bought a “beginner” wheel just to see if I would enjoy it. The problem I m having is how do I know if I m enjoying it when I feel left out of so many options, because I have a basic Thurstmaster 458 Ferrari spider wheel. It’s okay! Just feels like I m using a wheel not a controller. I watch set up videos on YouTube and follow the advice. Which every video tells me something different. Then I said screw it I will adjust it my self. But no matter what I feel like I am way slower with the wheel and have less control over the car than with a controller. So, if anyone could point a rookie in the right direction I would be forever grateful! I want to sim race like all the cool guys I watch online. I know I have a cheap set up right now. But if I could just get advice on how to tighten up my cars driving with the wheel I will eventually move up. P.S. I have tried the wheel sensitivity and the games wheel sensitivity. It’s either way to loose or won’t turn at all.