I been a naughty boy (apparently)

Ok so i have had this game for a long time and decided to finally get into it, i got lazy and decided to use a money cheat so i could buy a car that i wanted in single player, i have done this in other games before no problem.

Anyway as soon as i did it, i bought the car i wanted, then found out i was banned when i checked the leader boards of a race i was doing.

Lesson learnt, harsh lesson!

so am i banned from Forza Horizon 4 also now? or any other microsoft games?

When i used the cheat, it warned ‘do not use online you will get banned’ i had no intention to mess with other people or cheat online, i just got lazy and wanted a car cos i was stuck on a certain trophy.

Obviously not asking for sympathy, i just want to know what the deal is.

Also will this affect the new Halo remasters? i have them preordered so may as well just refund them if thats the case

Lucky for you, it should only be for FM7. Typically, bans of this type are for that game only. You should still be able to play FH4, and it won’t affect any other games.

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I’ll try FH4 later, if it is a all round ban then i’ll just give up with Microsoft games, i’m playing on PC so its only a side thing anyway, i do like Forza and Halo but thats about it from Microsoft.

so erm, yeah be warned people, don’t do what i did!

OK not good, my whole xbox account has been banned, really wth!!??

Even though the Forza games are on PC now, you still can’t change your money or use mods like other PC games, even if it’s just for single player use.

Then you have drawn a ban from MS, not T10. They have systems in place that automatically detects cheats, so…

Damn, very harsh but it is what it is, i don’t class it as cheating, you should be free to do what you want in your single player game if its not affecting other people, ah well, will play other games, cheers.

I only really used the money cheat because i wanted to power through that game because i have so many others to play.

Enforcement issues are not open for discussion on the forums. If you have questions please direct them to Forza Support or Microsoft Support.