I am level 28 and haven't unlocked social/online yet

I’m having the same issue I have unlocked three sites and Surfers paradise site is level 3 but social tab has still not unlocked. I’m playing on Xbox One. I have tried hard reset pulled the plug and waited for one minute then plugged it back in, that hasn’t worked :frowning: any other ideas?

My current drivetar level is 18 and Career progression is 14%.

I have also tested my internet connection and that is fine.

Please read this information: http://forums.forza.net/turn10_postsm528894_Losing-saves---What-can-I-do-to-prevent-it.aspx#post_528894

Among the items is a proper hard reset of the Xbox One, step-by-step, plus the correct method of shutting down games.

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So I would pause said game and then hit X? X for me is the help screen which doesn’t do anything for me…

Followed those instructions but socail tab is still locked :frowning: any other suggestions?

I am having the same issue, Level 23, 3 open feats (2 at Level 3, 1 at Level 4) and I still cannot get the social tab. I did the hard reset and still no luck. Playground/Turn 10 please advise.

I think this is a game issue and not a console issue. This is happening to more of us than just one or two people.

It took me a long time as well but I wasn’t in a rush since I first focus on singleplayer anyway. I think I might have been over level 30 before it unlocked for me. I think right when I opened my 3rd festival location.

I haven’t played today but I’m at level 37 and still don’t have those open. I’ll play some more and get more fans to see what happens after I open up Yarra Valley and upgrade the rest.

I am on PC, level 32, and online is still not unlocked.
Would be nice if PG and T10 would fix this.

I still haven’t unlocked my socail tab yet, I’m level 35 and two of my festivals are level 3 and the other is level 4. As stated, I have tried a hard reset using the proper intructions but that didn’t help. Does anyone have any ideas what I should do?

I think we have to contact turn 10 or something. I’m up past level 40 now and same with my festival sites, level 3 and 4 and 4. Still no social or rivals tab for me.

I too am experiencing this issue. I’m at level 21, have Byron Bay level 3, and Surfer’s Paradise level 2. I do not have xbox gold, only silver, as I only play single player, but I would like to have access to my weekly rewards since some of the cars are a bit more expensive in this game. I notice this OP said that gold was recently renewed. Could social possibly be locked behind a gold membership? If so, that’s a bit disappointing as the previous games didn’t require it to redeem rewards and run rivals.

Could anyone who is experiencing this issue confirm a silver or gold membership?

I have read that having an inactive Social tab is currently due to a bug that affects Xbox Live Silver users only.

See here: http://forums.forza.net/turn10_postst70327_Forza-Horizon-3-Known-Issues--UPDATED--9-22--9-38-p-m--Pacific.aspx

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ahh! thanks for that! Hopefully this gets fixed up for us silver guys.

Very disappointed that Playground hasn’t found a solution to this problem, so that silver users can access thier rewards.