i am kind of up set

i missed the series with bunny ears bunny suit

do i have to wait until the next easter…<__<

fourmula drift 777 corvette to…

how about again in the month of the halloween…forzathon shop

yeh oh well , its been offered twice since there has been 2 Easters since the game has been released

and the formula drift corvette you might be able to find in the auction house or wait till the next time its made available

well i bought the 777 for 10 million

Hope you like a challenge, the Bunny Suit is usually locked behind the “Easter Buggy” Trial, which is offroad buggies and possibly THE most infuriating trial out there next to S2 class racing in the Rain :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe the bunny ears are available as a forzathon shop purchase, but not the suit.

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