Hyundai Veloster Mistake

That carbon fiber on the mirrors shouldn’t be there. Is there any way to get rid of it?

Buy a real one without carbon fiber there on the mirrors, drive it around and pretend you are in a video game, go to the Hyundai forums and ask them if they can put carbon fiber on the mirror just like Forza.


What are you trying to say?

That it is a game and there are errors scattered throughout everything and that we have to deal with it.


Hahaha funniest thing I’ve seen all day

A quick Google image search reveals that there is indeed at least one trim package available for the Veloster that includes the carbon fiber bits on the mirror.

It may be shocking to learn that, in some crazed ploy to actually sell more than three of them, a company would offer a few different trim packages on the same model year’s vehicle in order to appeal to the specific tastes and budgets of individuals who are in the market to buy a car. :wink:

Surely the model that Hyundai encouraged the developers to use in-game was equipped with a few options. (Just a guess.)


Did you actually do a Google search? Because I did, and nothing even remotely similar to the mirrors in that picture came up.

I’m pretty sure it’s not an option.

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Carbon fibre mirrors are an official Hyundai accessory option.

Now on this link I show the whole mirror is carbon fibre but when you buy a new car you would be shown full lists of colours, options etc. Most likely a partly colour, partly carbon fibre mirror would be an option.

Also not every country’s official Hyundai website has an accessories menu.

Maybe it’s not an option but I would bet in 1970 there was no option from Nissan to upgrade my Datsun 510 to go 220 MPH. Yet the game allows me to do it.


Except that’s intentional. The game didn’t make the 510 go 220 MPH. You did.

Including modifications for a car in a racing game isn’t the same as unintentionally putting a texture on part of a car that isn’t supposed to have that texture on it.

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That’s like saying a special livery does not belong on a gifted car from Turn 10. Sure maybe it’s a mistake but so what? Does it take away from the game any? - No.

I wonder how many hours/days/weeks you spent looking through google and photos of the car to confirm that T10 have made an error by adding a two inch strip of CF to the mirrors before coming here to complain about it. Maybe you should just try another car which has wing mirrors which particularly suit your driving style … maybe a bit of chrome trim would help you shave off those extra few 100ths of a second ?

Have you considered the possibility that person who owns the Veloster which does have CF trim doesn’t own a camera, PC or internet connection due to him spending extra on the carbon fibre, which prevents him from uploading photos.


It’s obviously an error. But I guess nobody’s allowed to point out any mistakes with the car models in a game where one of the main selling points is accurate car models.


In the state of Oregon, there are two very good universities which have competitive basketball and football programs: Oregon State University (OSU) and the University of Oregon (UO). They’re very proud of their teams. Very proud.

And then they had a local retailer stock their shelves with folders/binders and other items with the school logos on them. Sort of. The UO folders/binders were fine, but the OSU folders were . . . Oklahoma State University, another major college football school in the USA. Egg on a major retailer’s face for that one.

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Everyone makes a mistook once in a while.


I just think there are more important things to worry about or spend time on, but each to their own I suppose.

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But my life is in shambles!

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Yes, but look how far you’ve progressed!


What carbon fiber are you talking about?

I don’t see any CF here.

They mean the black strip on the bottom and inside edge of the mirrors (I think)

All the he said was that the carbon fiber shouldn’t be there and asked if there was any way to remove it and he’s being ridiculed by forum members and moderators, it’s bad enough other members of the forum are ridiculing him but moderators as well?

To answer your question, you can’t remove the carbon fiber.

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