Hype Racers are always recruiting!! come and join us....

we’re always looking for new challengers, we are a public club so anyone can join we have some of the slowest and fastest guys an girls on horizon so what ever your skill level is, come an have a good laugh… we only ask that you race clean ‘hyyp’ has a great reputation for some of the cleanest, fairest and fastest racers online (the club is an xbox club, we are on a few games an have the same reputation for bein fair an clean on all games we are on). the club is ranked within the top 200 clubs and all co-leaders are ranked in the top few hundred ‘without’ exploiting (aka wall-riding) or time glitching (unlike alot of top clubs :confused: ), we hope to see some of you soon.

Message me. I would like to see what you do.

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sent you a friend request too bro…see you on the track :slight_smile:

‘ANOTHER’ photomission won by are very own graphics designer “AdBirchall1994”…nice work bro the TAKEOVER has begun!! ;} hahaha

im interested in joining up recently got horizon again after a long break ill bung you a fr