HW gave me the same car twice

Okay so after my first race in HW I went into the autoshow and found the new cars that comes with HW. I added them all to my garage.
Then I did another race and was ready for the next class and the screen said “a new car has been added to your garage”.
That sounded exciting since I had already grabbed all the new cars. The message did not say which car but I had an idea.
Sure enough I had been awarded another bone shaker so now I have 2 of them. I can’t be the only one experiencing this?

Nice to have a backup if the first one breaks its bones… I dunno :smiley:

Im thinking a lot of players will have two twin mills and 2 bone brakes

this will happen to everyone who get them manually first and then completing the campaign lather.

I got a couple of Twin Mills

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Same here … Guess 1 for stock and 1 for tweaking …

This is normal. The HW expansion is designed to give you each car as you unlock their class. Except for maybe the Rip Rod, you should end up with two of all of them.

I got two Rip Rods, two Twin Mills and two Bone Shakers. They aren’t worth much in the AH so everyone must be getting them doubled up. No sign of a second Mustang though. Too bad, it’s the only Hot Wheels car I wouldn’t have minded two of.

Got rid of my duplicates cause they aren’t worth anything at AH, just clogging my cars list.