Hunt's Gallery [Update 28/12/14]

Welcome to my gallery

*This beetle was a Photocomp 5 win

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Very interesting stuff in here!

Great start!

This is a great shot!

I love your Pagani work - the first Huayra shot in particular looks amazing. I love the focus on it, and the colours makes everything pop. There’s some really good stuff in here - keep it going!


Love this -

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This looks GREAT

Thanks everyone and that Evo shot is a personal favorite as well Viper.
Here are some more Evo shots and the Varis paint done by Skreamies.

Car looks so aggressive! Nice shot.

Thanks :slight_smile:
Carbon black+928 HP rwd drift=hell crying

Again, your Huayra work is on point. I feel that it might look a bit better with some shutter speed to make it look like the car is under braking coming into the turn, but that’s just me. It looks just as good as a still.


Yeah thanks but I actually wasn’t breaking =p. I took the shot during the Huayra bucket list. :slight_smile:

Some more:
*Koenigsegg One:1 paint by me

Love this!

Some really nice stuff in here!
Love the revo’d mk6 in the update

The yellow colour looks really nice on the R8, and that first Lamborghini shot is superb! I love it - keep it coming.


I agree with Lethal, that shot is stunning!

Thanks for the feedback and sorry for a late update of that I had planned, I was busy with completing storm island.

I have also been doing a Liberty Walk Lamborghini Veneno widebody paint but as you can see it’s missing a lot of logos because I have not been wanting to play on Xbox that much so it will take a long time before it’s finished.

Love the second shot of the Noble and the Island shots!