Huge rare restock (720s PO,Mk6 '10,SRT '14,limo)

Got restocked with few rare cars.
VW Golf R '10 (2 in stock) for cheaper price!!!
Cadillac/caddy limo (2 in stock)insantly cheap!!
Honda civic '04
Mclaren 720 PO (ultimate rare)taking ur offer (min 4m)
Ford raptor 150-SV (2011) 200-300K (randomly free with any purchase)
Jeep SRT cheeroke '14 (4 in stock) “randomly free with any purchase” (4m+ order)
Or reply ill be active daily.

I’ll take a golf r how much tag Daz102331

I’ll take the McLaren 720 PO for 4 mil, send me a message on Xbox, same name.

the price as rare as the car is! :wink:
(Highest bidder between those wins)

Nice guy, quick and simple trade, would recommend.