Huge framerate drops/lag using FF car

I picked the 1966 Chevrolet FF car for the open championship and was racing against only other Fast and Furious cars. During the start of every race the screen was stuttering and even after I left the herd the frame kept dropping and stuttering. I was also streaming on Mixer and playing on a Day One Edition Xbox One console. I thought I might have to stop the stream or restart the game, however I decided to finish the championship and see if I start another one in a new car the problem would still occur. I had no frame rate issues in my next championship in a different car. Seems to be a bug with the FF cars.

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I have found exactly the same problem with the F&F Plymouth - I’m on the third race of a series, and it’s been juddering badly through all races. Have just rebooted my console, and it hasn’t helped. Will see what happens when I change to a new series, but there certainly seems to be an issue witht eh F&F cars. Also a Day One Xbone, although I’m not streaming.

I had this happen too in the AMG GT S F&F Edition at Rio in the Seeker open series. And also noticed it a tiny bit in the Ice Charger on Laguna Seca.