Huge bug in 50+ lap race

Since the last update we’re able to make races 50+ laps and up to 24 hours. Great update it seemed!

Last sunday we did a race with my team, we put it on 65 laps on Laguna Seca instead of the usual 1h30 timed races we did.

I was the lobby host and this bug only happened to me, the rest of the people in the lobby completed the full race:

Everything worked fine, but when I crossed the start/finish line on lap 50 it immediately put me back to the Forza main menu instead of into lap 51.
This was a huge letdown and completely ruined my mood for the rest of the day. And since it happened exactly on the old maximum of laps when passing start/finish I am sure this has something to do with the update from last week!

We have another 50+ laps race this Sunday and I’m the host again, fingers crossed it will be fixed by then.

Sounds like you were kicked for inactivity or just a random error (that only affected you) I’ve done 100 laps in free play without issue. It great being able to pause and power off using the centre button on the controller to shut the Xbox off and come back later to finish the race from where you left off. Of course you can’t start another app/game while you’re paused!

I was racing with my team, online, there was no inactivity and it was exactly on the 50 lap count. Too obvious it is not just a random error :slight_smile: