How's FH5 protected against tampering

Wonder if FH5 will also have massive amounts of such accounts and flying cars in online modes?
Now in every season I join, there is at least one such account, usually more. High prestige level and car tuned to some strange number is usually a “good sign”.
People on YouTube still sell such service and nothing is done. Will this also be a common sight in FH5?


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These issues preceded the game being on Steam. Steam introduced its own problems like the long loading delays but not the above I don’t think.

Just because a game is on PC doesn’t mean major issues which never get fixed are inevitable. With this developer though, that does seem to be how it is. If there’s no will, then there’s no way.

Well, after the disaster it has been FH4, dont expect too many -smart- people to actually buy FH5. It will be a stupid thing to do. And many people included me are going to -TEST- FH5 before buy for a long long period. There is no other way so im pretty happy that the game went into steam. LOL. Im done buying videogames expecting some kind of quality and/or support, specially if MS is involved as well. I learned my lesson, sadly i wish way more people had the same achievement.

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My hope is that cheaters will be dealt with, but my expectations say otherwise. I think the problems with Steam will be resolved in fh5, it would not be good for PG to have excessive wait times on a new release. The hackers will do their thing anyway, it just really comes down to what PG and Microsoft do to combat them. I may not be the best or fastest driver in the game, but when a cheat comes in with nitro boosted cars and makes it impossible to even finish a race it really makes me not want to invest my money into the game. I’m not buying the game nor any content until I’m positive cheaters and hackers will not ruin the game once again. Only time will tell, but the ball is definitely in PG and MS corner, how they play it determines if I even bother to keep playing the game at all. Only reason I still bother with fh4 is because I do want to reach max level. I’m a prestige 10, level 2,742, just gotta finish the levels. I could probably just run laps on long races, but I fond that boring. I currently have 41,535 races. I just ignore the cheaters and drive online.


I hope and trust we’ll have a ‘disable crossplay’ button on xbox.
Pc players are always going to cheat, the 1% ruins it for the rest of us.


I doubt they’d completely let us break away from playing against PC or steam players but if they could do it when it comes to competitive modes, it would go a very very long way!

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They will prefer adding a new hair color rather than implementing a “disable cross play” button.

Concerning cheaters, it looks they did put more resources on support which I consider an evidence of cheating reaching a level with expected impacts on the sales. Even though it’s good news, managing cheating also requires devs and PG having to choose between fixing something and developing a new feature, we now have a pretty good experience about the outcome …

Let’s not forget they don’t care of people leaving because of cheating, they only care about people won’t buy because of cheating. For instance, I am hopeless of them doing anything about rivals or stunt cheating, too much effort for no impacts on sales. They will prefer fixing the color of wheel screw caps ( which was presented as a critical fix in a FH4 stream )

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@Microsoft (I know it doesn’t work that way but hey if we get enough upvotes… someone might read it)

If you allow us to disable cross play and have seperate scoreboards for XBOX and PC players… I will buy a Series S/X to play horizon on, instead of PC.

Sure it won’t save me from the RLT for credits, cars and accounts as cheats can still load these up into Xbox and destroy the shared economy but at least there will be some point to trying to hit a new high score.

Surely it should be trivially easy to add checks that automatically flag players with improbable scores that can only be cheating… events completed in less than 1 second…
All you need to do is detect cheating… then delete all their times from all of the scoreboards. Third strike and your scores are never posted again anywhere… but you can still play.

Buy bots on AH ruined the game economy. I hope they fixed that.


That, combined with people using a currency/XP exploit until it was fixed did as well… people who did that were easily able to throw 10 million at cars in the AH.

I never understood the reason to cheat for CR in FH4, CR was, so easy to get to begin with plus the fact you could obtain most of the cars without purchase at all.
The real problem comes from the ability to sell a car for 20 million CR. Ultimately, lazy people will resort to cheating to obtain 20 million CR to purchase a “rare or epic” car instead of completing challenges to get it. The way FH5 is looking challenge wise, you can expect lots of cheating to happen.
I can pretty much tell I won’t own every car in the game this time, I will not play childish events just to score points. This time around, I just may be an AH stalker.