How will work the re-share designs from FH4?

As a car paint designer in FH4 game, there is any information how we be able to share again our designs and/or vinyl groups? If you need to apply in the car and then share again as a FH5 design or we will be able to share them through a more easy and fast way? Because I had all designs slots occupied, and they are really a lot…

You’ll probably be able to download the design and share it as the next option… as it worked on previous titles… i’d still check the design on the car…. To see if the mapping hasn’t changed… :upside_down_face::hugs::+1:t2:


Be nice if we could import them all en masse instead of one thing at a time.


I started doing the designs in FH4, even playing all titles before, I think we needed to apply in the car and then share to appear as a new title design, if you didn’t apply it shows in the previous title tab. For example in FH4, if you wanted to share your paint from FM7 you need to get in the car, apply your own design from the FM7 designs tab and then re share as a FH4 design. I hope they could delivery a better way to do it, because even with that you can only do that if you have the car owned, the improvement should be something prevent this from happening, and share them directly without apply in the car, and there you can have the designs shared without having the cars, which in launch we won’t have all cars that we designed in FH4.

The importing process is likely the same. One by one.

If you’re going to be on XB1 or PC, be aware there’s a possibility design/vinyl import support may be cut without notice somewhere down the road. Waiting for the developers to fix all the retarded bugs isn’t the only reason I hold off (and never pre-order). It’s also because FH4 on XB1 and PC had design import abilities cut out without prior notice. You can only import designs if you dish out the half a car worth of cash for a Series system. If you’re on XSX/XSS, you’ll (probably) be fine.

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Not exactly correct on the previous games. The only game that currently has an import bug is FH4 on the One console versions. Every other game (from Motorsport 5 on) is fine on all consoles.