How to win the FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS achievement - Some hard won advice with thoughtful criticism

I think they range from 200cr up to a few thousand on the 360 but you need to be quick to snag the thousands.

Aurabass has posted about that in another thread.

So when does one get to see these few thousand cr? I am almost 75% complete and haven’t seen more than 200

I think there is some confusion around rivals.

Some people think the post career race is the only place they are. What happens in career is you often run a slowish time due to dealing with AI opponents which puts you lowish on the leaderboards and therefore gives you a low cr rival to chase.

Go to rivals mode and run it without the AI opponents and you can run quicker. You can also pick a time off the leaderboard which will give you a higher bounty.

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So basically what you are want to do is to improve your time in the Rivals Mode as slowly as possible. But first improve your time so that you get at least 2000 or 3000 CR. 1000 CR or lower is a waste of time.
Then when you get 3000 CR improve your time as slowly as possible.
I was always waiting at the finish line for the ghost to catch up and then rolled into the finish just before them.
Also don’t forget to turn on Rewinds so you can rewind back if you make a mistake.
Depending on your skills in racing games and how often you can improve your time as slowly as possible when you get 5000 CR, this achievement will take for some of you more time to get than for experienced players.

Where do you get into this rivals mode

LOL I can make large cash if I race and beat you…but I can’t see me beating you any time soon lol

Your rival is probably very low on the leaderboard. The higher up the board your rival, the bigger the payout. $5,000 to $10,000 for the top guys.

ost of my rivals are 5000 or 10000 credits. The only time they are 100 is if I’m in the #1 spot or I have not yet done the event and it’s giving me a miserably slow rival.

I don’t listen to what he says when I finish since the volume is so low anyways. I wouldn’t get too worked up over the remarks though.

So people don’t get confused like another thread the bounties on the One are higher than on the 360.

So was the whole point of that long post was that the geico gecko (aka annoying Ben) says an incorrect statement? Bit over top for such a minor bug.

Anyway on the note of rivals, it’s important to note that you don’t actually have to stay on the course; you just have to hit the checkpoints. So there are many events where you can go quicker jumping curbs or cutting offroad. My strategy like SatNite above me described is to go incrementally faster beating my opponent by only a small margin. On Xbox One if you’re good enough to crack into the 10k payout tier you can make a lot of cash quickly.

minor bug? WOW - wonder what you consider major. BEN is the game instructor and he’s telling every 360 User racing RIVALS that they are failing because they are not racing CLEAN.
Once you’ve gotten into RIVALS in a quest to reach the 1 million CR you will be forced to hear those LIES 600 times. It slows down the game and after the 100th time it will start to drive you CRAZY.
It drives you crazy because it’s such a DUMB STUPID ABSURD MISTAKE that basically proves that FORZA and SUMO were not paying the slightest attention when they made RIVALS for the 360 system.

The infuriating thing is being unable to turn it off. If you race Manual you have to be able to hear the engine noise and thus turning the sound down or off is a problem.

There is nothing MINOR about that bug. It’s a clear sign of INCOMPETENCE and lack of care. If FORZA wants to remain the standard of excellence for racing games this is no way to present themselves.
Of course you must be on XBOX ONE so it doesn’t effect you. No wonder you can call it MINOR - you haven’t had to hear it 600 times.

Honestly I don’t listen to a thing he says. He’s obnoxious and I can’t stand his voice. The only flaw here is that you can’t turn him off completely and you can’t skip through what he has to say.

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TOO bad there aren’t more 360 system users replying to this thread - my 360 use is required because my old arthritic hands don’t work well with the controller and Xbox One would require me to purchase a new Fanatec set up to replace my current 2 year old 360 with Fanatec set up - that’s a $1000 investment that I cannot afford.

FH2 works fine on 360 for the most part and it was worth the price but not compared with the Xbox One version.
This issue with the “Clean Racing” announcement after every Rivals event just makes Forza / SUMO / look bad. It’s such an obvious and ridiculous error.
I paid the same $$$ for FH2 that Xbox One users paid - but I’m getting 80% of the game and this absurd mistake. Why would FORZA SUMO disrespect us like that?? We paid a lot of scratch to be able to play their racing games and I own Forza 2, 3, 4 and FH1 in addition to FH2 so I’ve paid out a lot of $$$ to support Forza & Turn 10. How about a little help guys?

Just fix the “clean racing” announcement and add our 360 system to the REWARDS. If you make DLC for FH2 on 360 I’m sure the 100,000 users will buy them. Why turn down the $$$?

360 Users should know you can find out how much CR Reward is the max for each event by simply getting to the GLOBAL list and clicking on any of the top ranked times. The rewards will range from 2000 to 5000 CR (only four events I have found go to 5000CR - Amateur / Castelletto / Festival Circuit and Fattoria Sprint. The vast majority are 2000CR with around 10 - 20% at 3000 CR.

To get to that GLOBAL screen on 360 you have to:

  1. click on SOCIAL from the Map Screen
    • drop down one box to RIVALS -
  2. Click on Amateur / Pro / or Champions Roadtrip
  3. select a location like Castelletto /
  4. Select an event from the 4 displayed for each location
  5. select a Division from Classic Performance to SuperCars
    A Rivals Status box will appear on the right with a Reward at the bottom
  6. hit the X or accelerator or RT to get to the LISTS - see the FILTER notice at the bottom of the
    there you will find the times of Friends, Favorites / Club / Near You and Global by clicking X to sort through the various lists.
    When you select a Rival and click A the Reward will appear at the bottom of the box on the right.

That’s a lot of clicking and manuvering you have to go through to select a Rival with the best reward for the least effort and speed. You have to do that in order to maximize your CR to get to 1 million for the Achievement. The math is simple 480 events X 2000CR each is only 960,000 and that would require 480 races - but you will end up doing many 1000CR or less unless you want to spend way too much time clicking through that menu. Once you reject a potential Rival you have to start over so it’s easier to go to the GLOBAL list and scroll back to the 500 rank - race that Rival and win by as little as possible.

If I were designing the game I would make finding a RIVAL for decent CR a lot easier and I would emphasize RIVALS over Speed Cameras or Playground Games. But mostly I just don’t understand why Forza - Turn 10 and XBox decided to provide such an inferior experience for their loyal 360 users. They could have made FH2 like FH1 without that much extra effort and denying Rewards to the 360 users is simply DUMB. All it requires is using the same program used to calculate the rewards for FH1 - what’s the problem with that?

now I’m very curious - How many of you think that a racing game maker who has an instruction voice give the exact WRONG instruction after every race is making a “MINOR” mistake?

If you can’t trust the game instruction it would seem to me to be a MAJOR ISSUE
If that error is absolutely OBVIOUS the first time and every time the game maker tries the RIVALS RACE it seems even more MAJOR. This isn’t some hidden RARE mistake - it is a VOICE OUT LOUD giving the wrong instruction EVERY SINGLE TIME A RIVALS RACE IS RUN.

Is that “MINOR” to you? I get that you Xbox One users are not confronted with this truly DUMB MISTAKE some 600 times while you try to reach the RIVALS ACHIEVEMENT. That is a key element in the game play - that’s why they have achievements. But we 360 users have to hear it 600 times. This isn’t something difficult to fix or hard to find - that makes it a MAJOR screw up IMHO.

I wonder what the game designers and developers have to say about it. - They should tell us if they think whoever was in charge of making certain the game play was right in Rivals on 360 should keep their job. I wouldn’t have that guy on my team much longer.

I would view it as irritating but minor.

I have previously raised what I call lack of context sensitive messages with developers but I do not view that as major.

In this example you can still do rivals. The error does not prevent you from doing that, the cars still behave on track as expected.

I believe your main issue is with how hard it was to earn credits from rivals on the 360 version. This text may have looked like a ray of hope to you but it ended up not being that.

In isolation though I do not see it as a major mistake.

Ok, I have to admit that I haven’t read every word of the OP’s post. It’s just too long lol.

I did get however the OP’s point about redundant lines being repeated. It’s not just an issue on the 360 in Rivals. Many of us on the ONE have completed beyond the scripted endpoint for the career mode, and yet we are continuously encouraged that we are making our way towards the next Horizon finale. In some respects I echo your sentiments. It’s fine that we can keep playing (in fact I welcome being able to do things after story mode is done) but the scripting should be tweaked to reflect your status of completion.

However, that having been said there may also be a reason. If you’ve max’d out your skill points (earned all 65) then it may be that the game simply isn’t allowing you to earn more, in which case there’s a glitch because your being prevented from earning them, and the game thinks it’s because you haven’t driven well enough. Ultimately it still ends up pointing a finger at the developers, but it’s a more understandable and less condemning reason for the oversight.

…and quite honestly - given the way people tend to race online - I could really care less if these statements are accurate.

Anything in the game that’s encouraging other players to race clean is fine in my book. Doesn’t matter to me whether those statements are true or not in the context of the game.

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This is the achievement for earning 1 million credits in rivals. Do the difficulty earnings count towards that or is it just the bounty on my rival that counts? Because my rivals are only 500-1000 credits. I’d have to do over 1000 rivals if it’s just the bounty. I would think that all the credits you get at the end count, which was close to 30k, but I’m not sure. I’m on 360, btw.

On the 360 you only get the bounty, yes.
And yes, you’ll be driving a lot for this achievement.

BUT: The first 4-5 races you did in the game (the ones in Castelletto for example) have much more times posted, So, if you are fast, you can get 2000, 3000 or 5000cr per race.

And here is what I did:
I drove one of these races and drove a slow time to get into the 1000 or 2000cr range. Then I set the next rival above me as my rival (not one that was 1-2 seconds faster), drove the race and tried to finish .1 or .2 seconds before him.
With that you can get 5-6 races in “a one second window” and therefore 6-12k credits. So get into the range where you get 1000 or 2000cr, set a rival that is the nearest to your time and beat him by a heartbeat so you can do a lot of races.

Well that blows. Along with doing each race 10 times. Thats a lot of racing. But i have all achievements in horizon 1 and so I will get them all in this. I only did one race in an X class hypercar though so I’m not very high on the leaderboards yet.