How to tell when your car is pulling more grip through a corner?

So I’ve been using the suspension and body acceleration huds in the telemetry to help tune my springs. Can’t seem to tell if I’m going faster through the corner with the most grip. I want to get the most out of my ride height and tires. Are there any quick suggestions that would help me tell if my car is holding more grip through a corner? Or should I just put up my tune and settings and see if I can get help from a better driver tuner?

Start with -2.0 front, -1.0 rear camber & 27psi front and rear(connection evident later) Then just drive around and open trajectory turn to the heat tab and check the heat distribution across the tires. Lessen the camber if the heat gradient is too severe (blue and red at the same time would be an extreme example) and set the tire pressure higher or lower to raise or lower the average tire temp into ideal range for grip. The objective is to get the tires as close to clear as you can get, while leaving in enough camber to turn quickly. Sometimes this will mean lowering the value to minimum 15psi. the Porsche 918 is an example. However if you try to go over 50 psi the tires tend to spin too easily.

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quick answer to just the title of this thread, you stop hitting the walls!!!

camber is a direct relation to anti-roll bars.
stiffer arb’s (>25lb) require less camber.
softer arb’s (<25lb) require more camber.

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