How to take video in-game

Hey there,

I have been starting to get serious about my channel on YouTube and I want to start making edits of cars for my channel. If anyone can give me some help that would be great.


Depends on what game you are using a Motorsport or a Horizon. What I do is if it is a Motorsport: Do as many races as you wish, save the replays for all the races, go back into them later with the Game DVR and record what you want. Tip for that is if you want to film a specific thing in the replay, start playing it 15 seconds away, it’ll get rid of the menu bar at the bottom and seem more realistic and better.

If Horizon then it depends again. If you are doing a freeroam thing, then use replay a lot. But make sure what you are filming is relatively short, the replays can only go back so far. Once you go as far back as you want, press X for the View replay and then record it from there. If it is a race, I don’t know exactly. I haven’t recorded races in Horizon before. If you can, then do what you would do for a Motorsport except in Horizon.

Do that if you have an xbox one. If you have a 360, then I have no clue. You may have to get one of those devices that plugs into the USB port and records from there or something.

Hope this helps!

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