How to share/load tunes?

I’m new for Forza and tuning but it seems from reading the posts here that you are able to share your tune setup and for others to find and apply them to their own cars. How exactly does this work? I ask because when I am in my car and go to the upgrade section I see the place to tune my own car. When I use the setup manager I can save my own tune, but when I try to load tunes it seems to only look for my own saves. How would I find tunes from other players and apply them to my own cars?

So I’m answering this myself as I finally figured it out.

I had tuned the car myself and so I couldn’t search for tune setups from others. Once I reset the car to the default I was able to view other tune setups from the Setup Manager.

You should not have to reset your car but if you load another tune your tune will be lost unless it is saved first.

Go to the tuning section. Press share, choose save to save and after saving it wil lask if you want to share.

To load other peoples tunes in the tuning screen press share button, load and then there should be 2 tab. The first is other peoples tunes and will take a little while to update. If you press RB you can go over to a tab called “My Tunes” which is your saved tunes or any you have already downloaded.