How to report hackers? (with video)

The title says it all.

Is there a way (other than the xbox reporting system) to report hackers to either T10 or Microsoft?

Video evidence is available and a gamertag.


How are they hacking

What makes you think they are hacking?

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I just checked the ops public xbox captures out, their most recent clip shows a person lagging out pretty badly on Suzuka East. Then a moment later that same person who is lagging rockets past them. I am going to make the dangerous assumption that is what the OP is talking about, but it looks like lag if it is.

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That very same person wasn’t just lagging, but ramming everyone in that lobby left, right and center. He even won that race with over 20sec clear of 2nd.

My assumption is that he was hacking.

Not all of my clips got captured for some odd reason. So that is the best I’ve got from the clip you saw.

Lag can and does make it seem like someone is just crashing and using other means to win a race, chances are that person didn’t even realise what was going on; as their screen might not have even shown any of that. Lag in video games is unpredictable. From what I can see, there is no reason to accuse that person as a hacker. But I am not T10, they could view it differently.


Lag can be vicious, I’ve been the victim and the beneficiary of it, and sometimes I can tell when it’s obviously happening.

Was in one race where I kept moving up one position and down one position, between me and another car. However, there was no other car around, everyone was pretty far ahead of me on vir.

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Last night my game froze mid race. I was in 3rd It started again with me in 11th. I finished 11th yet I finished in 6th. Just a game error.