How to randomise drivatar cars in Free Play?

Hi All,

Does anyone know how I can set up Free Play races where the AI picks cars at random? For example: any class B car; or any car between 100 and 500 PI, etc.
The menu gives an indication as to how many cars are available within the specified restrictions. However I’ve found that the AI always picks cars that are either very similar to the PI of the car I’m driving, or the highest possible PI (e.g. 999 in X class if the restrictions are “any”). Former happens to drivatars in bucket 1, latter happens to every other drivatar.

Some example use cases: setting up “track days” in Free Play mode, where each opponent starts with a delay, and drives random cars of any class. Such a simple thing in theory, however I’m not sure if the game supports it.

Any help is appreciated!

Race settings, I think. I don’t have the game running right now, but I think it’s called race settings, or race setup. On the loading screen, right-bumper to go to the second page of the menu, and I think it’s the first or second item in the right column.

If you go in with a Homologated car, it will default to whatever division that car is. Like if you go in with a Hypercar, the AI will choose Hypercars. I think the setting is called “Division” or “Car Type”, or something like that, change it to Any. There are advanced settings in here too, if you want to restrict them to a PI cap, or an HP cap or something like that.

I tried experimenting with this, however the AI always seems to either closely match my car’s PI, or maximise its chance of winning by going for class X 999. Here’re the settings I’m using, and it never gives a random choice of “any” cars.

Here’s an example with buckets:

Here’s an example without buckets:

I think that’s just how the AI works. It always tries to put it’s PI close to yours. I don’t think there’s any way to make it completely random.

That’s unlucky, however thanks for confirming. It makes sense, since the AI’s PI selection aims to create balanced races - whereas what I wanted was the opposite.

I guess it’s possible to achieve some sense of randomness by creating buckets and manually adjusting the max PI (and max power, year etc) before every race.

If I find a way that works really well, I’ll post it here.