how to play with regular ai in sp?

is there anyway to play single player without driveatars? is there a opt out of it anywhere in settings? i just want to play with regular ai who dont ram you 24/7 and also go on the same path every time

No. Outdated AI is not an option. You only have the more advanced, more dynamic, more lifelike (for better and worse) Drivatars which are the most advanced AI drivers in racing games to date.

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Most advanced? I don’t think so mate. Drivatar is plain awful. No matter the difficulty ,they follow a pattern. 1 or 2 bolt off while the others wreck and slow you down. Having it on pro or unbeatable does not change a thing.except they are faster. But the behaviour stays the same. Sometimes the AI get a suddern burst of speed ( even on grass ) and either side swipe you or boost infront and brake. And why are there really slow cars in unbeatable? And why are my friends who 1: Hardly played. 2: Are not good anyway. put in the unbeatable class. Drivatar is one of the worst things i have experienced. Also,driving more careful does not make the AI drive better either. It’s more a-kin to destruction derby than racing. Drivatar is ruining career for me,and many others. They need to work on it " a lot " ,or get rid of it completely.


Im now finding that the Drivatars very rarely take me out now (it was a huge problem 3 or 4 weeks ago) however i am finding every single race 1st place is miles infront and i get into 2nd far to easy. Not sure what the answer is right now but for me very little racing gets done due to it feeling like chase the hare (Stole off someone last week haha) They need to find a way to speed up the slow drivers so it’s a battle going from 14th to 2nd or 1st.

There is a saying in England that goes “A bad workman blames his tools” in the case of the Drivatars its the bad human driver who crashes into the AI then complains when the AI crashes them back.
If you want clean races put the difficulty to Pro or higher and drive clean with the AI it will learn that you are a good clean racer and drive clean with you. If you want proof just click on the video link in my sig and watch me enjoying a clean race with the AI.

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I know how to race mate. No matter how clean i race against drivatar the process happens. It’s extremely rare a race is clean. I also race on unbeatable and win. But that’s after many restarts on some tracks because drivatar is awful. It has nothing to do with me. And why are my friends in unbeatable ,when 1: They have hardly played the game. 2: They don’t play anymore. 3: Their drivatars are hardly synced. As i get faster drivatars seem worse. I’m begining to wonder if there is a drivatar system at all. Like i said in my earlier post,there is pattern to the behaviour. The lack of laps in career also adds to the problem. It’s done that way to make you spend money.

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Maybe the tech behind the AI is advanced but that doesn’t mean it’s very good or even close to the best AI. Just go to Indy Oval and watch the AI break on the straights sometimes if you want a quick example of how bad it can be sometimes. Any AI that needs to place the player at or very near last place every race to compensate isn’t all that great.

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Unfortunately no. You’re stuck with them, however I believe in the higher difficulty settings ie pro / unbeatable they are supposed to be better opponents.

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Of course it is possible, just disconnect your Xbox from the internet, and you’re back to regular AI.


Sadly this is the only way, I wish it wasn’t… but it is.

I too really wish there was an option to use drivatars or regular AI, as it’s the only thing in Forza 5 I don’t like, racing against my friends in Single Player. (Which is why I enjoy Single Player, it’s detached from multiplayer, if I wanted to race my friends, I’d go into the hoppers or rivals.) Hopefully in Forza 6, they fix this.

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Wouldn’t the game keep using the drivatar data which has already been downloaded to the console?

When you disconnect from live, then start Forza 5 up, you get the very basic AI drivatars, your friends stuff will not show up. I’ve done this a few times in the past, and also have had no choice when we were getting a new router and had no wifi connection available.

Disconnecting from live is the sure way to avoid the advanced drivatars of your friends. I wish this wasn’t the case, but it is.

yeah, thats my understanding of it too

ive gotton use to the drivatars and there not as bad anymore… most of the time haha

go home drivatar you are drunk :slight_smile:

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I don’t have many problems with the Drivatars. Of course, I try to race clean within reason (but rubbin’ is racin’). There is still the big crash that always seems to happen in Turn 1 on each race, but I guess nothing is perfect…

Don’t even race the f1 races against them. On unbeatable they brake as though they are in a hummer. The hardest part is trying not to rear end them in every corner. It’s very flawed, but I have had some decent races. However making me start in 16th while the 2 fast drivatars get top spots is silly. Also as soon as you pass a drivatar they slow way down on their lap times, and you again have no fear of them passing you or urgency to run your best lap. I have seen worse ai though. At least they tried.

From experience, I’ve found Shift’s AI to be worse. Not only that, it’s really hard to get away from them when you’re in the lead, unlike any Forza Motorsport where they instantly give up when you’re relatively far ahead.

Correct, and there’s no “regular” AI. Even the opening set of drivatars on disc are still drivatars.

I just turn damage off and plough them out the way.

After all rubbing is racing, right?

I wasnt going to get involved in this, as its the same thing from release week all over again. But, the Drivatar system isnt all bad. This race replay is from the day of release, which I uploaded to youtube after my first days session with the game. It was from one of my first races in FM5 game, and it went very well; as you will see.

Now don't get me wrong, I have had my own issues with the drivatars; namely the ones from people on my friends list. Even so, the majority of the bad races only happened once in every 3rd/4th race or so; and it was highly track dependant. For myself the poor races seemed to mostly happen on Yas Marina, and even then only in career mode; in freeplay custom races with more laps the experience was better on that track. But this was also infrequent in its consistency, with a fair few races still ended up clean with only minor rubbing here an there; as can be seen in this replay.
The issues on Yas Marina at the time, was the drivertars didn't seem to want to slow down from the high speed straights. This can be seen by the Mini Cooper on the second lap, which overshoots the corner quite badly; it also shows the Drivartars can and do take avoiding action when there is risk of a collision. A few of the other poor SP races happened on Bathurst, again with the people on my friends list been the worst offenders. But again, and as you will see in the following video, I was still able to have highly clean races on there also.
These three video's have two things in common, they were clean races for the most part, and they are all from the first week of Forza 5's release. The Drivatar does have its issues, but it is still possible to have very clean races against them; even in career mode. It ends up been worse if there is an aggressive attitude to gaining first place, and you may find the races better if you slow yourself down slightly till you pass them.