How to install FH 5 on another drive?

Hello. There was a problem after a complete reinstallation of Windows. I can’t install FH5 to another drive, the Xbox app doesn’t give me a choice of storage. Although in the settings of the Xbox app and in the system settings, a different drive is listed as the save location for new content (in my case, D) What should I do in this situation? Basically I can’t play the game I bought.

I did my install through the microsoft store without the and had no problem to choose the destination.

In windows search; type in “Apps and Features” and open the item it shows you.
Find Forza Horzon in the list of apps - and then click on it - it will expand and should show you an option to Move it. Click move and then select the new drive location that you specified in the Xbox/MS Store app for your game installs.