How to improve drag racing

The drag racing component of the game stinks…the loading screens last longer than the race. I think drag racing needs a complete overhaul.
It should be changed it to bracket racing. Make it into a little mini game., like the eliminator, or the forza arcade, or make it a championship.

The way bracket racing works, is you would have to make several runs down the 1/4 mile strip and get your get your baseline time.
So say after 3 runs in my Dart my average time down the track is 10.333 seconds.
My opponents driving a AMC Gremlin average time is 17.555 seconds…
Subtract the times to get the difference which puts my Dart 7.222 faster on average.
Now the slower car, in this case the Gremlin gets a 7.222 head start on the tree…After which I go…
In theory both cars should cross the finish line at exactly the same time…But they dont, and never will…Because with this type of drag racing it is NOT about the car or the tune.
The race is won by the skill of the driver and not his car. The slowest car can beat the fastest car. What counts is getting your baseline time correct, because if your time is faster that what you dialed in you are disqualified. So need to have the sills of getting a good reaction time and launch at the green. You need to be able to shift gears at exactly the right time, and keep that car straight.

Maybe instead of just 1 race, there could 10 cars and the two slowest are eliminated until the last 2 remain. Or maybe make it like a rival thing.
I hope i correctly explained how this type of racing works, if i didnt please someone jump in and correct me. And I hope people who never heard of it understand how it works.
I believe if drag racing was changed into this type of format it would dramatically improve the experience and fun of drag racing and make a bigger part of the game.
What do you all think???

Woops I already posted about this, I didn’t even remember doing it a couple days ago
But this post is much more detailed.

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