How to do stock time trials in Free Play

This game’s homologation can be a little…annoying at times. Especially if you just wanna run completely stock time trails.

But, I figured out out.

  1. Go to free play

  2. Set laps to 1 or however many you want.

  3. Set Max Drivertars to Zero.

  4. If you want completely stock cars, make sure you have the “Allow Upgrades” set to “No” in Car Restrictions.

  5. No, this is the annoying part. When selecting a car, most of the time the game will make you “Reset To Stock.” If you get a message telling to you Homologize, exit, and simply jump into Race Setup again and just hit the A button. This should remind the game that you don’t want upgrades.

  6. Now, you should be okay to simply switch cars after every race. Just hit “Restart.” HOWEVER, you WILL have to go back to Race Setup and hit “OK” again 'cause after every race, for whatever reason the game decides you want to Homologize, so you have to remind it that you don’t want upgrades.

It’s a little annoying, but I found if you just jump into Race Setup before you select your car, you should be fine. If it returns everything to stock and it’s giving you a “player isn’t ready” message, then you probably need to return your rims to stock rims.

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T10, please let us free play with stock cars without issues! why do we have do click million times in menu every time we want to just free play with our favourite STOCK cars?..

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Couldn’t agree more, the game should keep you settings as you left them until you exit the game, Its been really frustrating for those of us who just like the cars the way the manufacturer intended.