How to create balanced races (freeplay offline, stock car)?

Is there any trick to make a balanced races in the same car category with similar PP (offline freeplay and stock car)?
Right now the races with no upgrade are pretty unbalanced (example:R890 easy win, R805 Too hard victory).

Mod cards

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Even that doesn’t do enough good sometimes. On some tracks, I’m able to use the Long Shot mod (24th place, no rewinds) and still get to the front of the pack within 10 laps.

It works well with the cards! Thank you!

So use a slower car, raise the difficulty like no line and driving assists, raise drivatar difficulty and add some performance degrading cards. I dont use mod cards myself i think they were a horrible addition to the game but they can be used as a workaround for this particular situation. Its sad that we dont have many options in free play compared to past games, but this is forza and people should be used to workarounds by now.

try doing unbeatable with no class so that the ai and around your pi level of the car you picked.

Yeah between using mod cards, unbeatable ai and a few other custom tweaks some good close balanced racing can be had. Just today i did a few races with historic sports cars, vintage cars, gt cars, and ultimate sports cars and using my method i didnt come in first place once lol. The best i came in was 6th out of 6 different races.