How to change "Forza Hub" -app language?

Yush, tittle say all, my language is finnish/english but, Forza Hub windows 10 app launch at japan/china language. I try to find option in app to change that but, there is none setup/option for this & app unistall/reinstall not help at all. Any solution for this?

I had this for a long time and today i was finaly able to resolve this.

These are the Steps that helped in my case, maybe they will help in your case to:

  • Open the Settings App in Wndows 10
  • Click on “Time & Language”
  • Click on “Region & language”
  • Check the installed languages

In my case 3 Languages were installed. German, Japanese and English (in this Order!)
→ i guess “Forza Hub” is not localized for German, so it took the next Language which was Japanese.
→ by changing the Order and putting English as the second Language, Forza Hub now uses English.

(I installed the Japanese Language Pack because I learn Japanese and mainly use the Input Method from time to time … but I’m still a beginner)

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-This way, this sound this usual fix the problem but, sadly i still have same problem after this change. It’s not fix my problem. x3