How to achieve rewards like perfect passes and 1000 club challenges?

I’m trying to get 1 Tier higher, I’m almost there. I’m stuck on perfect passes and the 1000 club challenges.

How and where do you get perfect passes? I’ve tried passing cars on the road, but that doesn’t seem to be it.

How about the 1000 club challenges? How do you get medals for that? Does doing a challenge for a certain car give you a medal & score in the rewards? Or do you have achieve specific challenges?

I did get some gamerscore yesterday and that was added to my score in the rewards, but I also won a good number of 1000 club medals on various cars, but those weren’t added. May be it takes longer or may be you have to do certain 1000 club things?

A ‘perfect pass’ is just an extremely close pass without hitting the car you’re passing. If you get ‘trading paint’ you’re too close. In Forza 4 I’m pretty sure I finished off my perfect passes by setting collisions off and just drove through the ghost cars. I’m honestly do not remember if you can do the same in Forza Horizon. But you could just go to the long straight on the highway on the west side of the game world and drive up and down along it passing cars as closely as possible. I think I may have done that to finish mine.

Some things for the rewards system take a while to update. Days played is one of those that definitely won’t update quickly; but it does update.

Thanks. I’ll wait a few days and see if it updates. The gamerscore did update today, including the scores I achieved yesterday, so did the number of cars owned. The rest didn’t update, like the medals and I think I did the passes right. My Xbox is dutch, so I don’t get the english terms, but I know the scraping paint one, but that one I didn’t do.

Like SirE said,a perfect pass is a very close passing by without touching the other car.
The gold medals for the Club 1000: you can get 5 medals each car,means 5 certain challenges for the car you are using.
With a button click it will show off what challenges are especially for that one.
It took 24 hours to see my TIER score of horizon rising here.

It must be done with AI cars in a race. Traffic cars don’t qualify.

The fastest way for me was the Freeway Blast race (you can access it via the street racers hubs, can’t remember which one sorry). Set the AI difficulty to Easy, wait and let them go at the start. Then catch up and overtake them (you must be quite close to them though). As soon as you’ve add a few perfect passes to the overall count, restart the race and do it all over again until you reach 500.

Awesome, I’ll do that race, thanks! I’ll wait for the medals to update, it’s still stuck at the same number as before, but I know I had some fun gaining at least 15 more medals yesterday, but those haven’t been added.

I could have sworn that the traffic cars counted. Ah well. Sorry about that.

I’ve followed the advice and both are right. Once in a streetrace both opponents and traffic cars count. Perhaps in a regular race as well, but I haven’t tried that. I almost got the reward bar for passing full
now. It finally registered the medals as well, so that bar is already full. Only 19 more points to go to the next Tier.

Thank you all for the help :slight_smile:

Hey does any un know the fastest way too completed forza 4 Perfect passes how and what track and race PLS HELP ME