How should I put this...

Is this a child safe game?

Some of the noises in the broken down castle like a scream and other stuff are just really creepy (turn off in-game radio to hear it). I mean in this house (originally my friends and my club house/crib), it looks like a murder house with EVIL JAKE THE DOG ABOUT TO KILL in the doorway (at night time).

Is this some kinda sick joke sumo put in the game? Because all the other lights in buildings look like regular lights during the day but are creepy at night.

I mean look at it in day tine:

T10 plz check this out.

I don’t think this would be enough to traumatize a child.


ok yeah maybe not but who knows. it freaked out my friend and he is younger than me.

This is the Xbox 360? This house dosent appear in my game, Xbone.

Yes it does, it’s on the coast road between castelletto and nice. Going towards nice, it’s at a right hander out of a small town.

Are you sure it’s not just poorly implemented lighting - it looks like it’s supposed to be a light in the window or someone inside the window and it is rendered with ridiculously poor quality as focus was probably elsewhere and they did not think people would look so deeply into it while busy driving.

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well yeah but FH1 did not have anything creepy like this (or should I say badly made.)
But does the noise at the ruins just mean bad quality?

It is on the 360. I have not seen the building or paid much attention to it on the xbox One version of the game - though of course now I want to look - but it does’t look like it’s intentionally creepy. It looks like people or lamps inside and a poor render job more likely than not due to a substantial focus on more important game aspects so to deliver the best possible experience on the Xbox 360 game.

Either that or it was put in so when people start doing community scavenger hunts they have something to find…

yeah i agree…this game needs some fixing…the Lambo Huracan was so loud in the tunnel that when i downshifted…my neighbor’s baby started crying…i think the car exhaust scared the baby…damnit T10. y u do dis.


I found the location, but there’s a different building there. This is Xbox One. The Jag 220 made me think it might be the 360. I wore out two sets of tires looking for this place. Strange that theres such a difference between the two consoles in this game.