How Seasonal events should be ( just my opinion)

Be Able to choose any class
Complete all best of 3 win or lose both teams get prize
(Brings back the online fun)

The usual
Speed trap (any car) class limited (changes weekly)
Speed zone( any car) class limited (changes weekly)
Danger zone jumps (any car) class limited (changes weekly)

Treasure hunt
Riddles made clear and prize of at least 500,000

Drift zone or skilled driving
Choose between a drift zone and a skills area
Class limited (changes weekly)
Wheelspin for 2 star
Super wheelspin for 3 star

Street race (class limited)if exclusive car is road car
Off-road cross country if exclusive car is cc/off-road car etc…
If you come top 3 the second prize is a car that will give you best chance to win (obviously win both if come first)

New pink slip Drag racing tournament
against AI (drivetrain limited)
5 rounds 5 classes ( can’t lose your car only take there’s if you win)
Gives you pretuned cars already in autoshow but some could have unique visual or performance upgrades you can’t buy yourself (bit like horizon edition cars) this should be made hard to do unless you good at tuning (increase the need for pursuing tunes from other players.

Rivals as usual

Stadium madness
D class cars in a game of king (5-10 minutes long)
Prize is fp (1 fp per second of being king)