How often to do you restart Horizon 4?

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who repeatedly restarts Horizon 4 in order to get rid of obnoxiously placed Challenge Cards

No word of a lie, I just loaded in - and there were 7 dang Challenge Cards sitting at the beginning of the Festival Drag Strip - placed there by mouthbreathers who think their low-key griefing will garner them fame and attention from people like themselves :unamused::triumph::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

And, if you’re lucky enough to load into an instance without Challenge Cards right where the can annoy you, don’t worry: you have about 45 minutes to an hour before whatever game server you get randomly shuffled to (without your input) crams a bunch into your HUD because… reasons?

What’s wrong with creating a menu option to completely turning off Challenge Cards (instead of just a map filter)?

People like me - and from chatting with other players, I’m not alone - just want to play the game and not be forced to endure the nonsense that Playground thinks will get casuals back into Horizon

Just let us drag in peace! :laughing:


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Bruh, for that kind of disrespect you deserve to be burried under challenge cards.

“Disrespect” LOL!

I’m sorry, but what exactly am I supposed to respect? The idiocy of people who constantly need attention - and will degrade other player’s enjoyment of the game just so they can scream “Look at me! Aren’t I so clever? Now you can’t do the things you like without having to see how clever I am!!!”?

No… I will not give those types of people one single cubic millimeter of respect - as I think they definitely needed to be spanked more as children


I only restart FH4 if it is broken, and that has only happened twice in 2 years.

That super annoying Super 7 spam trolling shouldn’t even exist in free roam, but if someone desires it, there should be a toggle option, to turn it off/on. But not just on the map, but in world too.

It interferes with actual events and places, has trolling attention seekers titles and lastly I’m sure as hell not gonna drive some random brain “gas”, from random person.


The problem isn’t where people decide to place the start of their challenges, it’s that the game doesn’t place the map marker far enough away from the pre-existing ones.

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Daily at the moment, because quick resume doesn’t work properly with daily challenges and such updating in the persistent world.

This is from other thread, about annoying Super 7 icons and their superb reach, but also shows that restarting the game, doesn’t change those things

this is starting the game few hours later (PC user) and I still had the same set of this S7 spam

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Very few challenge cards are persistent - with only the ones stuck right outside the Festival hub being the same from instance to instance

Over at the drag strip, they change every time to log in - even if only minutes apart… and you can luck into not having any there even though 2 minutes ago, there were the last time you loaded into the game

Thank you for that.
I try to ignore them as best as I can and only because I made that pic on how far it reaches, I then notice the same card being there.

I mean, look at the visual herpes inflicted upon us by Gumpy mouthbreathers!

They all need to catch a terminal case of sand fleas!