How Much RPM Does Cameshaft Add?

Anybody Know How Much Does Cameshaft Add To Your RPM?

Not really sure because it’s not an upgrade I use often but i believe it varies from engine to engine. I would guess it’s between 1-3k from street to race, but don’t quote me. It should show you on the power curve map in the upgrade shop.

A cameshaft adds nothing,how ever a camshaft might.


That wasn’t very nice!! It was however rather funny

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Generally speaking, it varies between engines. The whole valvetrain has to be taken into consideration. The cams in Forza don’t really say the lift, IN/EX durations, etc. Neither does Forza tell you the C/R of your engine. It’s a shame, really, because there could be so much more tuning involved in Forza if engine tuning was an option.

We’ll said sir this is something I have been waiting for them to add for years. I would love to see coolant temp,oil temp etc also boost by gear would be a great so I don’t just spike to 30psi in first gear.

about 500 revs per cam upgrade about.

It depends, the only way you’ll know for sure is taking to a track and testing it( I take it to lemans old) and looking and the telemetry (or target computer I call it (from star wars)).

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Much better gaining RPM by using stock camshafts but lose the drivebelt.

True, but that may stiffen up the steering a bit. Heh.

A better question is how much useful rpm does it add. And the answer is often not much unless you are running at Le Mans old.

Boom! This. Never use it unless it is the last option to add. If you need more top end add the sport gearbox.