How MP will work on Xbox and Windows10

Hopefully There will be 12 players online race with pc players! That could be quite awesome!

And will there will be online leaderboard for clubs etc…

Is the cross-play only for co-op campaign or also for the 12 multiplayer sessions? Any one knows for sure? If so, can you please add a source.

Cross-play just means that if you buy a copy of the game on one platform it’s available to play on the other platform as well. It’s the full game and saves, achievements, etc. are transferred.

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Well, if I buy a the new Forza Horizon 3 I will can play everywhere xbox or PC, but, to play multplayer on xbox will be necessecery Live Gold correct? but and on Windows 10? How it will work? I do not need live gold? There will be crossplay between PC and Xbox on MP?

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^ Actually, that’s what Xbox Play Anywhere means.

Cross Play means you can play multiplayer over xbox live between Xbox One and Windows 10 - Horizon 3 supports this for all online modes, not just campaign co-op.

Hope that helps clear things up.

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no dude thats cross buy, cross play means PC gamers and Xbox gamers can play together lol

and to answer yes you can play free roam with PC gamers lol

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I’m pretty sure that you have to sign into an Xbox/Microsoft Account before you play the game, so yes, I assume you would have to have a good membership before you play.

“Xbox Live Gold isn’t required for playing games that are Xbox Play Anywhere other than enjoying online multiplayer with those games on Xbox One,”

It’s possible that Microsoft rep misspoke or forgot to include “and PC” or “with cross-play”, but I could see it being true. You don’t need XBL Gold to play Killer Instinct on PC online right now, yet I suppose all that could change with these upcoming Xbox+PC games. Pretty much all I’ve seen on the matter so far.


Hmmm very interesting point about XBox Live Gold, I didn’t think about that. Tough one for Microsoft to choose :

  1. Leave Gold on the XBox and not bring it to Win 10. This will probably make XBox gamers very angry since what they pay for is just free on Windows 10.
  2. Leave Gold on the XBox and introduce Gold on Win 10 as well for multiplayer. This will make Microsoft cut in their own feet if they want to compete with other PC platforms/hubs like Steam, Battle.Net, UPlay and the like because over there Win10 multiplayer is free.
  3. Remove Gold from XBox. Makes Microsoft loose money but if the entire XBox-Win10 thing is to regain console sales ground towards Sony then this might be what they need to do.

In the end I really wonder for how many people this XBox anywhere thing will be beneficial. For me personally I have an aging gaming powerhouse (5-6 years old) that is still good to play Blizzard games but is really getting low spec to play the latest games. It is also connected to a 24" monitor on my desk. But mainly used for facebook, email, forums, etc. My XBox is connected to a 50" TV in my gaming room on a racing rig. And my old PS3 is connected in my living room on a 65" TV with home cinema (will be replaced by a PS4K).

I can’t think of any game I want to play both on my XBox and Windows 10 PC tbh. Shooters I prefer on PC to have a keyboard and mouse. But all the rest on console.

I don’t think that you have to make any choice in a platform for Gold. If your login has a Gold account it works as Gold on either platform, Xbox or PC. That is the way it is between the One and the 360 now. I don’t see that changing so one Gold Account gets you PC, One and 360.

Interesting point. The Xbox anywhere games are “primarily” Xbox and in an effort to bring the two platforms together they are providing play on Windows 10. I would guess their assumption is most people use their Xbox account to log into their W10 PC since in the end the account is a Microsoft account. I’ve had the same account since the original Xbox and the horror of Games for Windows.

With this in play the additional assumption would be that players have XB Gold in order to currently multiplayer and so multiplayer on W10 would still be under your Gold membership. For those wanting to play “only PC” I would hazard the guess that Microsoft will require Gold to play multiplayer as the goal is still to bring people into the XBox community, even if they do not have a console.

It will be interesting to see play out

About reason 1. I don’t think it would make XBOX players too angry as this also means that PC players will not have access to XBOX live golds other features like free games, discounts and more.

What I really would like to have sure of is if there will be cross-play between Xbox One and Windows 10 for normal multiplayer, or if it’s only for co-op campaign as they showed out during the E3 presentation. Does anyone have a sure about it?

From the interviews, I get the impression that the cross platform ability was an all or nothing proposition for Playground. As in everything works together or nothing.

With the way blueprint works, I even expect leaderboards to be shared between PC and XB1.

I can imagine the threads that will pop up here as a result already…

Still, I’m all for it and have been surprised and disappointed at how cross platform gaming hasn’t gained significant traction in the 13 or so years since I first played one …

Hi all,

to start off, I’m ‘new’ to the forums. I’ve been on here before, back in the days. I’ve been playing Forza ever since Motorsport 2, then 3, 4, not sure about 5 and I skipped 6 and the Horizons.
I didn’t play these last three because at the end of the Xbox 360 cycle, I sold the console. It took some time though before I finally got the Xbox One, which I got last november. Since I predicted a new Horizon would be released this year, I then decided to wait for this installment. I made a fresh start when I got the Xbox One, creating a new gaming profile and deleting all the old ones. Therefore I will be listed as ‘new’, but as I said, I’ve been around for some time already.
Now that they’ve announced Forza Horizon 3, I’m super excited! Since I haven’t played the other two, except for the Horizon 2 demo, I’m wondering how the multiplayer portion of the game works. Playing the demo, I noticed all ‘opponents’ had what looked like gamertags above the car. I assume these are just driveatars, but is it also possible to bump into real players in the game and start races, fool around, etc.?

When your fiends are playing its all one world, you send an invite to the players and the worlds merge simultaneously and Unoticeable (see the E3 videos)

The gamer tags are drivatars they are not online but it’s a gamer with the same or close to your teir matched with you, you also can break/beat their times and when that random gamer logs back on they will see their time was defeated

Real players are found In multiplayer only from what we know so far

I understood about the co-op function but that’s not what I meant. I’d like to know if there was a possibility in Forza Horizon 2 where you could randomly bump into real players as well, not just friends.
What is this ‘multiplayer-only’ mode you are talking about then? How does it differ from the singleplayer experience?

Ahh I see what you mean. No you start off the game alone. You need to join multiplayer or someone needs to invite you to their game for that experience, then again they may add that function your asking about in horizon 3. Far as we know is as I stated join only.

Thanks a lot for clarifying this!

You are all wrong, let me clear things up. If you play Forza on Xbox One, you will need an Xbox Live Gold membership to play online ( obviously ). If you play on Windows 10 PC you do not need an Xbox Live Gold membership to play Forza online. Now the only way to get Forza on Windows 10 PC for free is to buy the game digitally on the Xbox Live Store ( and vice versa for Windows ). And then on Windows 10 PC you will need to sign in with that same Xbox Live account ( with or without an Xbox Live Gold membership ) to get the game for free on the Windows 10 Store. If you want to play online you do not need an Xbox Live Gold membership. That means if you sign in to Windows 10 your Xbox Live membership there will not matter because it will be on a PC and after all, playing online for PC gamers is completely free.