How many tune downloads?

I have 2500 tune downloads and i’m still at 3 stars? how many tunes for 4 stars or elite?

My understanding is that the star rating depends on the total number of downloads, likes and uses. You may need 50,000 to hit 5* but I’m not sure how many are required for the intermediate ratings. Downloads alone are not the answer.

It depends on how many likes and uses you get as well. I got 4 stars at somewhere between 2000- 2500 downloads because people like to use my tunes more than download them. I typically get 3X as many uses per day, but there’s no way of tracking them beyond that, so it’s really a surprise when you’ll get it.
If I’m not mistaken the 4 star is 10,000 total downloads uses and likes. and 5 star is 50,000.

You are correct. I got 4 at around 4k dls