How many Team Adventure playlists are there?

I’ve started making a note of each playlist I come across, with the intention of working out the best route for each freeroam rush, as a lot of people seem to somehow know exactly where to go.

It’s easier to obtain the playlists for unranked, as you can just join one that is in progress, note down the playlist, then quit without ever going into it.

So the first question is has anyone worked out if the list of unranked playlists is the same as the list of ranked playlists?

Secondly, has anyone managed to collect what they believe is the full list and can say how many there are? I had thought there might only be one playlist for each combination of discipline, class and season, but I’ve already come across 3 different unranked playlists for S1 Autumn Cross Country.

Don’t really know the answer to your question, but this also one thing that annoys me in team adventure. It would be so much better if the races would be picked randomly. Pre-created playlists becomes boring very fast. And there is also lots of races never used in adventures.

And why release “route creator” if not implement user-created routes to adventures? Endless possibilities but just few used. :confused:

Well there are 300 types of S2 crosscountry events, 500 Crosscountry events in A class, followed by S1. Then it comes dirt racing which is exactly half of Cross-country races. And there are roughly 10 road racing events and 9 of them are Street racing in night with rain.

You get the idea.