How long does a this game have to be out before people learn how to race?

And learn proper race etiquette.


In Horizon? Why? It’s not even in Motorsport. Waiting for is very naive. People just play the game.

I thought this is Forza 7 thread. It says Forza Motorsport 7 thread.

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Oh, sorry. It’s the same. It will never happen. Currently it’s in Game pass and many newcomers came. It’s funny how AI in Forza is the same as real people :smiley:

It’s bad in both games and Turn 10/PG have done nothing to teach clean racing or etiquette. The league series this week is called cutting time. Are they joking??? People do not understand what it takes to learn. They want to cut, take shortcuts, knock others out of the way, bounce off walls and are oblivious to how others are driving, just to crash 2 seconds later in some probably wrong choice untuned car or something. They need to win, no one else matters. Turn 10/PG are at fault for not properly teaching, not having rules enforced, not having penalties, not having skill matching, not having sportsmanship ratings, pointless banning when people can just make another profile and another and another etc… You wouldn’t have to if you had CPL’s like every other racing game and that you removed after Forza 4 god only knows why and it seems a big secret for no reason. The host had total control of who stayed and who goes. That’s how it works!!! Not having them has really been awesome hasn’t it??? What a bold decision that was made. What if Madden had no rules? or any sports game for that matter. Total Chaos. Duh. Only been 14 years. Enough already. So stubborn. Learn from the mistakes already. I’m am tired of saying this over and over. Wake up. I’m sorry but it’s just ridiculous at this point. Now complain over what I just said, have at it, justify this stupidity if you can. It makes no sense. Have a good evening.

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Fully agree. Super annoying. Thery know you’re faster an wont let the corner open or crash you.