How I do portraits

Hello, I was asked by someone how i do portraits and i thought i could show it better then i can explain it…

I know it’s from FM2 … but it’s still my best example sequence :slight_smile:

added gradiënt circles to the ear

most of this is also created by using gradiënt circles (with a couple shapes to create the mouth for example)

layout for the glasses

details to the glasses and eyes

adding more details to the eyes, the reflection in the glasses and adding hair

I created the portrait for a collab with Lee back in FM2 If i remember correctly I created it in 4 hours… man I wish I still was that quick :slight_smile:


I remember that paint, nice work Snake.

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Mee too, I remember this, awesome work, I think we just get slower with age and having 3000 layers to work with dont help either lol

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Thanks guys!!

I think that having the extra layers plus more detail on the cars makes it harder/ takes more time because the game hides less mistakes then on 360 :wink:

I thought it would take me 3 times longer because i could place layers at a certain speed, but knowing what is being shown ingame makes me want to put in the extra time to get it (more?) perfect then ever :slight_smile:

I was not even among you
at that time.
I am always impressed to see what
the talented painter could do with the Limit to
1000 layers !!
congratulation artist

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Stickied! Good stuff, Snake.

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I feel the same way bud. I think I might even have got in a little overwhelmed with 3000 layers. The last paint I started I think I made it up to 3 to 5 hundred layers and just lost interest.

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Ghandi would have approved of this tutorial lol.

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Nice…is it available?

It’s from Forza 2, so not really any more I wouldn’t think. . .