How do you unlock these badges?

No idea what they’re called so yeah, I’ll have to provide some pics.

Anyone know the requirements for these please?

top one I think is complete the exotic championship in career

middle is fanatic, reach lvl 25 with 4 car makers

bottom is lead dog, lead for 1000 miles in multiplayer

Ahhhh ok, cheers. Bottom one shouldn’t take me much longer then. Got quite some way to go to get 4 manufacturers to level 25 though. I’ve currently got one :frowning:

I unlocked this in mostly in career just planning it right and tried as best I could to use cars from only 4 car makers. But there are a number of ways to boost affinity. I only got 4 lvls to go on BMW & it’s my last (8th) car maker for the factory legend achievement. Best way to boost affinity to me is rivals mode using the fastest car you can make/get for that manufacturer, R,P,X class cars.

if you press a on them on the xbox 1 it will tell you. the last one is called lead dog - lead 1000 miles in multiplayer.

Well, it will do yeah, but the only trouble is it tells you the requirement to unlock it without showing you what badge you will unlock. So kinda impossible to figure out the affinity badge doing that.