How do you tame excessive suspension movement?

Anyone know a decent strategy for reducing the high frequency rate in suspension movement? I can adjust settings so they feel ok when driving, albeit twitchier than I would like. reviewing the telemetry, my contact patch is rapidly changing, as is indicated by the high frequency in movement on the suspension travel page. its not an issue of bottoming or topping out, just appears severely under-dampened or over-sprung… raising the bump and re-bound rates or lowering the spring rates further seem to have little affect. as a general rule I will adjust the springs rates up and down with the weight of the vehicle, if the vehicle sheds weight, I will drop the spring rates accordingly. It’s something in the spring/shock settings as the stock tunes do not show nearly as high of a suspension frequency. I use Laguna Seca to test my setups on, so I have a consistent baseline to work off of and compare against, but all my car seem to do this

anyone have strategy to smooth this out, or is it present for everyone with a custom setup?

Make sure your bump stiffness is 50%+ lower then the rebound.

Set you springs first, then your rollbars (if fitted) then camber, toe and caster, then tyre pressures and finally dampening. You want your dampening to support the suspension and ARB for cornering, braking and accelation.

sounds like your Bump is too high and rebound to low causing the car to crash through the bumps rather than flatten them out. You need to find the balance… Start with bump and rebound set to 0, then set your bump stiffness so it rides the bumps, then set your rebound to deal with the rest.

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