How do you make or join a club?

On the main screen club is blacked out. Does this option unlock at a certain level?

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I was wondering the same thing. Its driving me nuts

i can join a club but i can’t make one. and yes u do have to get to a certain level to unlock clubs

Keep on playing my dude. It’ll unlock after a few road trips.

lvl 25 and I still cant create a club. :frowning:

Which level must I have to create a club? I’m lvl 30 and still can’t do it/ doesn’t know how to do it

bonsoir moi j ai une autre question comment mettre des voiture que j ai dans un comme ou je suis comme sur tout les forza on pouvais mais la pas moyens de trouver comment faire quelqu un serais m aider la dessus merci d avance

Why must I repeat myself? Keep playing single player. It has nothing to do with level. There are threads like this all over the place guys. Use the search function, trust me it helps.

You unlock the ability to create a club by completing the road trip after the second showcase event vs the train.