How do you 'beat' FH4 to see credits roll?

Hi All.

Just a quick question out of curiosity.

FH4 seems different to the previous games in that once you’ve won all the showcase events you don’t get the credits rolling as though you completed the ‘campaign’ or core experience.

Is there a way of getting this to happen in FH4 or does it just keep on going? If it is possible, what do you need to do to make it happen?

I’m never going to have enough time to beat the game 100%, but I do really like to get a sense of having completed something in some way when I put a game down - and a good old fashioned credits roll is always nice!

Any advice greatly appreciated!


No, this time around we have to trigger the credits manually from the menus (Home > Settings > Team Credits).

Note that if you want, you can scroll through the credits manually back and forth with the left stick if using a controller, all the way from a normal crawl to an '80s sitcom hyperdrive. Turn the volume down though if you don’t want to be driven to the edge of madness by the “music”.

You don’t, “beating” the game rewards you with not the chance to beat your arch nemesis and win their amazing 599xx, a bucket of credits or even a cutscene, just a 10 second radio message from Kiera saying “gee great job.”


Thanks for your replies gents. Much appreciated.

It’s a shame there isn’t any sort of ‘end’ you can shoot for and get that credit rolling satisfaction. It’s pretty standard in huge open world games to give you that even if it drops you back into the world afterwards, so seems like a strange decision. I guess I’ll just keep playing it until I feel I’m personally done with the game.

Also seems a little harsh that everyone involved in making the game doesn’t get their moment in the sun, with their names only showcased to the player if they go and seek them out.

Oh well. Still a great game that I’m enjoying immensely!

Thanks again!