How do I exit the game and how do I turn off the music completely?


20min into the game and I need to exit to do some real world stuff and the only way I could find to exit the game was alt ctrl del end program as I could not access the in game menu no matter how had I tried. I’m I missing something here? All the controls eg, forward reverse worked but there seemed to be no obvious way to enter the games menu, I even tried the Esc button but nothing.

Alt Ctrl Del is not the best option to exit the game when I need to urgently attend to other pressing issues. Surely I must be missing something here, any info would be much appreciated.

Also how do I turn off the god annoying music completely? I have turned the music zero (when I was able to access the options screen at the start of the game) I have also turned off the radio dj but for some bizarre reason there’s still this stuff that sounds like a electronic drum beating away in a washing machine with the sound of a person that has sucked a helium balloon that keeps singing about loving babies or something like that.

Please please tell me I can get rid of this game ruining noise some call music completely, If not tell me I have just wasted $139 and how to contact Microsoft for a refund.


Hey there, I’m new to the game as well. I’m on Xbox though. The only way to quit the game is to simply exit it. It saves everything automatically on your HDD and syncs with the cloud too (unless PC employs a different method).

As for the really annoying music pre/post race, only way right now is to go to audio options and set streamer mode to “on”. Unfortunately, this has to be done every time you launch the game.

The announcer’s voice is something that is really frustrating me now - I’ve the game turned way up to hear the cars properly and the moment Keira or any of the other announcers start talking, it’s a recipe for an instant and nagging. headache.

Streamer mode has it’s own radio station so if you bump the d-pad you still get music. I don’t understand why PG still hasn’t added a 0 to volume levels. It just doesn’t make any sense. Then again most of their decisions make no sense.

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Thought I would just post here to give this thread a bump, to be honest, it shouldn’t just be sticky’d, it should be nailed, with a stake, 6 foot long. There is a more serious issue to this, see the thing is, Playground Games have done such a great job on the new Adventure modes, not the part where you can’t vote for the next round, I don’t know what happened there, it seems like someone dropped the ball, several times, then fell over and hit their head, not realized it, but continued working.

No, not that part, the part about where you don’t have an opportunity to leave at the end of the round of racing, you have to sit through a good sized loading screen, to be left to choose your car for the next round of racing, then 1/3rd of the lobby vanishes, and your left with late comers who don’t know where the brake pedal is and have no real chance of catching up.

The serious issue is they did such a good job on the game, its suffering for what I like to call Netflix Syndrome, it can be characterized by the ‘just one more’ argument, see like Netflix, there’s a possibility some will not be able to leave the game, because of it’s continuous play nature, and it’s addictive scenery, there is a real chance that some may develop Deep Vein Thrombosis

Some who choose to play using a comfortable chair may find that having their legs at a 90’ angle for long periods are at risk.

Therefor, I think this issue should be addressed, immediately, post haste, pronto, right away, because really, why let a great game be ruined by a few lawsuits, when you could have just fixed up the game a little bit better, maybe read the forums once a week or something?

Edit: Forgot to add, fix the forum avatar’s, its not that hard, it just looks stupid, and put more options on the chat button, 4 choices out of 300 sayings is once again, just stupid. Fire your reviewers, they’re wasting your money.

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I think i’m suffering from DVT xD

On PC simply hit the pause button then in the bottom left of the first tab is an “Exit to Windows” tile.