How do I complete an "Online Adventure"

I don’t have access to internet that allows for online play. Nothing I can do about it other than move. Tonight I decided I’d carry my XB1 over to a family members house with good internet to earn the Lola. I’ve joined several times and have seen “Online Adventure Complete” message twice now with no message pop up telling me I’ve completed the Forzathon event. Time is running out not only the event but my access is drawing to a close as well since it’s getting near bedtime here.

It has to be something I’m doing wrong but I can’t figure out what it is.

edit: I am using the '51 Holden FX UTE

You have to do all 4 races/events for it to count so if you join one for the 3rd race you will need to do the 3rd and 4th and then stay for the next complete adventure.

I did that when joining after the first race completed, staying for 7 races in total which took well over an hour to finish.

I had the same happen to me. I tried later that day again and it worked that time… dunno why Forzathons almost always have some kind of issues just like this whole game.

I kind of agree here as I’ve never been a fan of limited release Unicorn cars. T10 has a habit of saying they’ll be offered multiple times in different ways and not delivering(see FM6). Oddly enough I did get the Lola. As I was driving home last night I received a notification from the XBOX app on my phone that I had completed the challenge.

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1st off no. This challenge was easy so not everyone should get a Lola. If you wanted one you should’ve earned it. Simple as that. Secondly each unicorn has been up for grabs. I mean the Silvia, Warthog and Falcon have been up several times now. So they do good on their promise. Should’ve gotten better internet access if you wanted to enjoy the online features. That’s not fault in T10 or Playground.


I did earn it and did receive it. The argument here about the Lola isn’t easy or hard. It’s the apparent buggy nature of Forzathon. As I mentioned above at the time of my posting I had already completed one adventure after partially completing the one I had joined. I managed a 2nd Online Adventure completion which didn’t award so I gave up. It awarded an hour later. Even more weird is since my online stats are small, it’s easy to track my progress and the initial Adventure doesn’t even register as if I never did them in the first place. From the sound of it I wasn’t the only one having an issue and I remember people having trouble obtaining the Silvia as well.

That said, Several would indicate many chances and to my knowledge they’ve both been offered twice. Several>2. There’s still a few Unicorns left from FM6 that were not offered in the fashion advertised so no, T10 did not do good on their promise.

This is exactly why I think Unicorns that are a limited release are a terrible idea. Gamers take breaks from games all the time. Real life gets in the way all the time. There’s a fine line between rewarding loyalty and punishing players which I think limited release Unicorns are the latter. I would much rather see 4-5 opportunities to obtain a Unicorn in a manner where you actually earn it rather than receive it as a participation trophy on some random day in February.

With so many issues, I think we should all get a Lola. I spent over 2 hours trying to get this to work properly on a PC. Did four events in the UTE and four events in the Scout plus a few more to be safe. Since I use ‘hotspot’, I am limited on on-line access.

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Actually not true at all anymore that Unicorns have not been up for grabs more than once in Forza 6. In Forza 6 we were able to get the Lambo #63 Hurcan Super Trofeo and the Aston Martin V8 Vantage just recently, I missed out on both the first time. Different liveries but it is the car that matters to me at least. They delivered on those 2 and gave us another chance but if that is any example it could be some time before Unicorns are reoffered. Luckily H3 has an auction house so not really a problem in H3. I have managed to get all of them so far. Some of the same cars have come up for grabs multiple time in H3 too. The Warthog a least twice and that Silvia is up to 3 different chances to get.

The best thing to do is read week in review every Friday and you will not miss out on Unicorns. Read the rules carefully on what you need to do to get them and try and set aside the time if you can. The forum and Turn 10 updates are your very best way to stay informed.

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